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by Srinivas Saripalli

Srinivas is a great example of a rare combination. He brings a high level of domain and process expertise to the table, along with a critical focus on getting results, and great skills in getting teams motivated and moving in the right direction. He is someone that anyone would be lucky to have on their team!

Srinivas is both a passionate and knowledgeable trainer. He has the ability to make complicated topics very clear and presentable to people with a non-technical background. Additionally, he is very personable and willing to take time with class participants as individuals and explain in depth the topics covered in class. He is one of those rare trainers who has both the technical chops and theoretical knowledge that makes for a remarkable training experience. I would recommend him to anyone contemplating implementing Agile in their enterprise.


Paul Leonard
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I convey thanks on behalf of the entire team on the account for your amazing session on Agile Project Management. I have received tremendous feedback from my team members regarding your session and the way you clarified doubts and explained the underlying facets of Agile PM. As a followup to the session, we have decided to begin execution and management of ‘select’ projects in the Agile way as a first step in the account. We would be following the best practices and implementing the ‘Agile principles’ in these projects and will observe the results. We hope to share our lessons and experiences in these projects in the near future. Once again, please accept our thanks for your stellar contribution in this regard. We are looking forward to further fruitful collaborations with you in future.


Laurel Gibson
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Five stars! The training is fun and informative. I especially enjoyed the simulation. I gained a lot of great knowledge and really had fun! It was a great team bonding experience as well.He’s an amazing instructor. The hands-on activities help you understand the various techniques, and improve your collaboration with engineers and stakeholders. You will become a better product leader.

I asked Srinivas the tricky questions that we have been struggling with for some time. He took them head-on, giving directly applicable advice and relevant follow-up content for every curve ball we threw at him. Srinivas focused on the value of the scrum rituals, rather than “do this because the book says so.”


Yan Chao
Praveen Choudhary 11

Srini , as I know him has been one person who can be ascribed with one word called Trust. He is perhaps the most diligent person I have worked with in last two decades at HCL. His calm demeanour with a steely resolve cloaked in disarming smile and a never say no attitude, pretty much summarises his personality. His insatiable desire to learn and keep abreast with the latest always has helped him be where he is today. His new venture is clear reflection of long chain of successes he has had in past and will continue to do in future perhaps . Wishing him all the best for next sets of milestones.

Dr. Praveen Kumar Choudhary – Associate Director at HCL Technologies

Dr. Praveen Kumar Choudhary
Vivek Vishnu

Srini is tireless and committed towards his work. Goes beyond the call of duty if required. Brings on table process thoroughness and enthusiasm.

Vivek Vishnu – Head – Products (Digital Infrastructure, India PRIME) ex-Chief Digital Officer, ex- CIO, Author (Transformation Strategies for the Digital CIO)

Vivek Vishnu

For him and his work and his knowledge…words are not enough to describe him….diligent, methodical, hardworking, meticulous, great mentor and team player. Srini is a complete package of all this and much more. His knowledge in Agile is par excellence…and have resulted in great transformation is various organization in a streamlined manner.

He is an excellent people manager in mentoring people and shaping their careers, as well as being tough and direct when required. He is approachable, transparent and always open to new idea.

Shivani Kumar – Group Manager Quality

Shivani Kumar
Shamit Khemka

Srinivas is very accountable and very sincere resource. Can assign tasks to srinivas and then be sure to get it back on time and perfect. Excellent resource for scaling up processes

Shamit Khemka-Founder & CEO SynapseIndia, Member Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and YPO.


Shamit Khemka

Srinivas worked with me for more than 10+ years at HCL and there has been no single day when he needs to be pushed for anything. His ability to learn – unlearn – relearn is his greatest strengthen. Srinivas depth on Agile , Coaching & Innovation is par excellence.

Srinivas is truly one person who can trusted as team members blindly – “give him stone and he will turn same into diamond”. Srinivas attitude of getting into uncharted territory , has and will take him to places. Wish him for his venture.

Rajat Bhasin – Delivery Excellence & Transformation Leader for Digital Business at HCL Technologies

Rajat Bhasin
Thej Srini

I have known Srinivas for over 5yrs as an accomplished agile transformation and leadership coach. His expertise includes training teams on frameworks, methodology, team leadership, and role fitment into the overall picture, and to top it all training the organization’s leadership on strategic systems thinking approach. He is very passionate as a coach who comes with real world expertise establishing and leading teams.

Srinivas believes in sharing his knowledge as a guide, a great partner in adaptive leadership, mentoring, collaborating, and facilitating. He brings passion and energy to every engagement, and his personal and professional commitment sets him apart, i.e. cut above the rest…

Thej Srini

Executive Director & Entrepreneur (factRsystems, llc)

Thej Srini

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