Rajat Bhasin


Srinivas worked with me for more than 10+ years at HCL and there has been no single day when he needs to be pushed for anything. His ability to learn – unlearn – relearn is his greatest strengthen. Srinivas depth on Agile , Coaching & Innovation is par excellence.

Srinivas is truly one person who can trusted as team members blindly – “give him stone and he will turn same into diamond”. Srinivas attitude of getting into uncharted territory , has and will take him to places. Wish him for his venture.

Rajat Bhasin – Delivery Excellence & Transformation Leader for Digital Business at HCL Technologies

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Hi! I'm Srinivas Saripalli. For over eighteen years I've been building high-performing software development teams and organizations through the use of agile and Scrum. I've worked with startups and some of the largest organizations in the world. To find answers to specific questions about Scrum and agile, scaling agile, agile transformation and leadership coaching browse my blog. I am an Executive Leadership Coach handling select clients in the are of Agile & cultural Transformation. I am a Certified Scrum Professional, a seasoned strategist in executions of Coaching Agile Transformations. I am also a SAFe Program Consultant. I have also held positions of process quality consultant in CMMI and ISO doing harmonising process operations for customers, including the implementation of quality programmes in Hi-tech, Retail, Media, and Publishing.