Scrum Is Easy. Use It As Is.


Scrum is a mindset, an approach to tackling complex, chaotic problems. It is based it on these pillars:

  • small, self-starters, self-managers
  • lean practises
  • Empiricism, through frequent inspection and adaptation, helps teams arrive at the most successful outcome possible

The Scrum Guide is a comprehensive guide that defines Scrum’s functionality by default. Scrum doesn’t tell you how to use Scrum, how to implement Scrum, or how to build products with Scrum.

People learned what Scrum was and how to use it by trying to make things from visions, concepts, and desires using their understanding of Scrum. Soon enough, Scrum began to make sense. Scrum helped them handle outcomes. However, when people tried to use Scrum, they discovered that getting a shared understanding of what they wanted, what was possible, and what their skills would allow them to accomplish was quite difficult.

Scrum is a mindset, an approach to tackling complex, chaotic problems. It is based it on these pillars:
Scrum Is Easy. Use It As Is. 2

Many people accepted that an agile, lightweight approach worked well in the complex world of today. Many Scrum interpreters differed on what exactly Scrum meant. This was because of poor communication, inadequate mentoring, or other commercial reasons. Some people thought that Scrum implied telling them how to build a product for their needs, and thus was ineffective.

Exactly. Scrum is really simple. Scrum solutions are quite difficult.

Scrum is not a methodology.

Remember: Scrum is easy. Polishing it up so it is perfect is a waste of time. However, you are uniquely suited to deal with complex, chaotic situations. We don’t have to waste time admiring our navels.

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