Srinivas Saripalli: Scrum (CSP-SM) / SAFe (SPC) Trainer / Leadership & Team Coach / Adviser/ Speaker

Srinivas Saripalli is a well-known speaker in international industry and agile conferences in the corporate world; he’s much respected for sharing his experiences and helping others share theirs.

He assists organisations in implementing effective software development and management practises. He focuses on continuous improvement, collaboration, and communication to improve business value for customers.

Srinivas Saripalli: Trainer / Leadership & Team Coach / Adviser/ Speaker
Srinivas Saripalli

Srinivas is active in Agile, Lean, Kanban, Process & and Quality networks.

My Values

I am here where I am now because of things , that I have done – Help people and solve their problems

It is my IKIGAI that is the driving force behind everything I do, and how I do it.

What I do

I love to help people, teams, and companies become better at delivering high-quality software products and services.

I am a practical person who desires to make the world a little better. I strive to use things, share my experiences, and help others learn.

In my workshops and training sessions, I work to encourage people to adopt agile work practises, as well as making retrospectives beneficial.

“People are powerful, so the things that start with ‘self’ get me excited.” the processes of self-organization, self-assessment, self-awareness, and self-development.

Personally, I enjoy both trying out new techniques and taking a look at existing ones, as I use these tools to better myself and become a better leader.

Agile Coaching Tools

The more people that I connect with, the more they want to learn about and better themselves as developers and service providers. But helping everyone on-site in person is simply not possible for me.

That’s why I embarked on my own “agile scaling and digitalization” journey by sharing game, exercise, and other agile coaching tools that I use in my workshops and transformation exercises on this blog.

This journey of scaling and sharing the agile nuances makes me eat my own dog food. I implement what I teach, advice, and coaching around being agile. I am learning what my customers want, how they use my agile coaching tools, and the benefits they bring.

I utilise Kanban, Lean, and Scrum principles to manage everything I do.


My personal blogging platform where I share my thoughts and experiences on the agile and digital transformations through which I have gone. I’m a leadership coach and work with people to maximise their potential.

Present work

I am presently working with NEWS CORP as an agile coach.