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How Do I Handle Daily Tasks?

by Srinivas Saripalli

Daily tasks muddle people. How do I use my Personal Kanban? How do I visualise daily work? Many people each morning make new tickets and move them into Done throughout the day, increasing the monotony. Dailies were recently a popular topic on Quora. My answer is:

There are numerous approaches to accomplish this, even ones like Trello with limited features.

Your system design will depend on various factors, like:

  • Is everything you do your work?
  • Only you do these everyday tasks, or are they shared?
  • Everyday tasks are either learned through practise or… mind numbing.
  • Every day tasks repeat, or do they change context?
  • Do these tasks involve customers?
  • Personally, I use Trello because I travel a lot.

Three columns measure my tasks’ High, Medium, and Low priorities. (Priority filter).

“Below that, I have a column called ‘Dailies’. This is multi-tasking.

I focus each day on two or three daily tasks.

No big deal.

You need to…make the most of your daily activities. Additionally, kill your “Done” column and create two new ones.

“Done” and “Learning” Your Dailies will assist you in your studies. How long it took, what the customer response was, and so on. If you aren’t learning from your dailys, delegate them.

Learn explicitly if you choose to. The stamping of “Done” doesn’t imply a mindless completion of a daily task. On the days you work, you record new data in the learning column. Don’t let work get you down. Soak up every day as it comes.”

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